Sales & Marketing Department

The Marketing Strategy of the Company:

* Provide high quality product and the best services for our clients through the best technical ways and the ability to comply with the needs of the local market and the neighboring countries.

* Making marketing plans for short and long terms and making periodic field visits for the company's clients and collect sufficient information about the competitors and estimate the size of supply and demand, and the continues coordination with the sales team to maintain and increase the company's market share.

* The continued cooperation with the ministry of commerce and industry and the other cement companies to comply with the needs of the Saudi market for the cement product.

Our products:

* First type: Ordinary Portland Cement. Ordinary reinforced concrete mixture which doesn't require special types of cement.

Examples of use :
  • - Ready-mixed concrete.
  • - Bases and groundwork.
  • - The pouring concrete in cold climates.
  • - Bridges and building towers.
  • - Concrete roads.

* Second type: Sulphate Resisting Cement. This type of cement is different from the other types of cement because of its uniqueness in low percentage of tricalcium aluminate content which is responsible for interaction with Sulphate ions that is found in soil and water which prevents the expansion of concrete and the occurrence of cracks in areas that contain high proportion of Sulphate's in the soil.

Examples of use :
  • - Concrete pipes exposed to water with a high proportion of Sulphate like the marshes water and sanitation.
  • - Marine works like ports and jetties which need a durability.
  • - Bases and groundwork that need a durability.
  • - Sanitation stations, bases and the construction groundwork.

Trough the effective marketing efforts of Al Jouf Cement company team our cement products was marketed in following countries :

  • - Iraq, Jordan and Syria.
  • - Arabian Gulf countries.
  • - African and European countries.
Means of Communications with Marketing Department:
  • Toll Free number 920020208 -Ext's 1900- 1901 - 2600
  • - Tel: (+966) 46650000
  • - Fax: (+966)46650228
  • - E-mail:
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